Outdoor football tennis net

SKU: 3268
By Liski

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Product features:

  • Net (9 x 1 m) including tensioning line and 4 tensioning rings.

  • 2 plastic poles (165 cm, Ø 35 mm) with ground spike

  • Adjustable net height (1 m to 1.65 m)
    delivery without cones,ball  a.s.o.

 Product description:

The outdoor football tennis set is the ideal choice for all referees and soccer enthusiasts who want to enjoy the game outdoors. It allows you to improve your technique, ball feel and reaction time while competing with friends or teammates in a fun competition.

The set provides everything you need for an exciting game of soccer tennis. The high-quality 9 x 1 m net provides clear court boundaries and adds structure to your game. The included tensioning cord and 4 tensioning rings make it easy to securely fasten the net. You can fully concentrate on your game without worrying about a wobbly or unstable net.

The two plastic poles with a length of 165 cm and a diameter of 35 mm serve as posts for the net. They are sturdy, durable and provide a solid base for the game. With the ground spike they can be securely anchored in the ground, so they can withstand intense play.

Another highlight of the outdoor soccer tennis set is the adjustable net height. You can adjust the height of the net to suit your needs, whether it's for a challenging game or for different age groups. This flexibility makes the set versatile and allows you to customize the game to your individual needs.

Please note that the net comes without cones or ball.

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