adidas Kaiser 5 League

SKU: 033201 09
By adidas

Available again shortly!

Product features:

  • Classic cam sole for natural, dry grass pitches
  • Upper made of high-quality, full-grain leather
  • Directly sharpened PU outsole for optimal traction
  • Identical sole construction as the popular "Copa Mundial".
  • only a few left in stock --> discontinued item!!!!

Product Description:

Get the adidas Kaiser 5 Liga' and experience comfort and performance on the grass. With a classic lugged outsole, this shoe is designed specifically for natural, dry grass pitches to give you optimal traction and stability.

The upper of the 'Kaiser 5 Liga' is made of high-quality full-grain leather. This material not only gives the shoe a classy look, but also provides excellent fit and durability. You can count on this shoe to provide you with comfort and support even during intense play.

The 'Kaiser 5 Liga''s direct-pointed PU outsole is specially designed to provide excellent traction on the turf. Whether you're making sharp turns or accelerating quickly, this shoe will give you the confidence you need to play to your full potential.

What makes the 'Kaiser 5 Liga' stand out is its identical sole construction to the legendary "Copa Mundial". This shoe is an icon in soccer and is appreciated by professionals and amateurs alike. With the 'Kaiser 5 Liga' you get the same proven sole construction in a modern design.

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