b+d compact referee set

SKU: 4205
By b+d


Product features:

  • refere set for the breast pocket
  • Practical and quick application
  • Small referee set
  • Contains match record cards for football in German, English and Dutch
  • Contains matchrecord cards for handball in German, English and French
  • Size: 10x13 cm

Product description:

The set for the breast pocket is a practical and compact tool for referees, which allows you to use it quickly and easily. With this small referee set you have everything important always at hand.

The set is available for football in German, English, Dutch and Swedish and for handball in German, English and French. This wide selection of languages will allow you to referee games on a national and international level and communicate effectively with teams from different countries.

Thanks to its handy size of 10x13 cm, the SR set fits perfectly in your breast pocket and is always at hand. Whether you are a referee in football or handball, this set will provide you with all the necessary information to officiate matches confidently and fairly.

With the set for the breast pocket, you are well equipped to quickly access specific rules or situations during the game. The compact size and clear layout allow you to effortlessly find the information and accurately officiate the game.

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