Marking cones without edge

SKU: 6059
By b+d


Product features:

  • Marking cone
  • without rim at the bottom
  • Red color
  • Height: 24 cm
  • Material: impact and break-proof polyethylene
  • Versatile

Product description:

The marking cones are an indispensable tool for various sporting activities and training sessions. With their bright red color and a height of 24 cm, they are clearly visible and enable a clear marking of areas and routes.

Made from impact and break-proof polyethylene, the marking cones are robust and durable. They can be easily used on the field or outdoors without being damaged. The construction without the edge of the ground enables a flexible installation of the cones and facilitates transport and storage.

The versatility of the marking cones makes you a popular accessory for different sports and activities. Whether football training, basketball, athletics or other sporting activities - the marking cones help to differentiate certain areas, to mark walking paths or to mark obstacles.

Thanks to their compact size and light design, the marking cones can be easily transported and placed flexibly. They are ideal for training outdoors, at sports fields or in the hall. Due to their bright red color, they are clearly recognizable even in poor lighting conditions and ensure a clear orientation.

Use the marking cones to make your training more effective and structured. With the clear marking of areas you can plan exercises and games precisely and optimize the process. The cones serve as visual aids to give the athletes clear instructions and to provide them with orientation.

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