laundry bag

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By b+d

Product features:

  • Rubberized polyamide bag for dirty sports clothes or shoes.
  • Moisture impermeable and durable, solidly finished with drawstring.
  • Can also be used for hanging around.
  • Approx. dimensions: 46 x 37 cm
  • delivery without  contents

Product description:

The laundry bag is the perfect accessory to safely and conveniently store your soiled sports clothes or shoes after a strenuous game. This high quality bag is made of rubberized polyamide, which makes it impervious to moisture and extremely durable. No more worries about wet or dirty clothes, because the dirty clothes bag keeps everything safe and secure.

The bag's solid construction guarantees that it will stand up to the rigors of everyday sports use. With the practical drawstring, you can easily close the bag and safely store your dirty clothes or shoes. The generous dimensions of approx. 46 x 37 cm offer enough space for your soiled sports equipment. Whether jerseys, pants, shoes or other equipment - the dirty laundry bag holds everything that needs to be cleaned after the game.

Another practical advantage is the possibility to hang the bag around as well. This allows you to have your hands free and conveniently transport the bag on the way to the washing machine or shower.

The dirty laundry bag is not only extremely functional, but also a practical accessory that will serve you well in everyday sports life. Keep your sports clothes and shoes safely and comfortably stowed - always ready for the next use on the field or in the gym!

All in all, the dirty laundry bag is an indispensable companion for athletes who want to keep their dirty sports equipment neat and protected. Order the dirty laundry bag now and keep your sports clothes and shoes safely stored - ready for your next sporting challenge!

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