b+d radio flag system goes to Ukrainian FIFA referee Kateryna Usova

Schiedsrichter.de is sponsor of the radio flag system for the use of the FIFA referee in DFB matches

Ukrainian FIFA referee Kateryna Usova took part in the DFB Women's Cup Final 2021/2022 on Saturday, May 28, 2022, at the referees' base in Cologne's Rhein-Energie-Stadion.

There, the FIFA referee from Ukraine received a radio flag system from Ronny Zimmermann (Vice President Amateurs/Regional and State Associations), which will be necessary for use in the DFB match class and the Bavarian Football Association (BFV). We are pleased to have been on the ball here. Because Schiedsrichter.de it is close to our heart to support the efforts of Kateryna Usova as a sponsor.

The Russian war of aggression forced Mrs. Usova to flee from her home country to Germany. Currently, she lives with her daughter in a German family, while parts of her family have to stay behind in Ukraine. Through her passion as a referee, there is at least some temporary distraction in her host country. She has already officiated her first matches for the BFV as a FIFA referee, and she will continue to be involved in the DFB's match operations in the future.

During the base at the women's cup final, the DFB vice president presented Kateryna Usova with her new radio flag system from b+d-Allzweck-Sportartikel. "The fact that Kateryna Usova, a referee who has fled, is given the opportunity to pursue her passion here, is supported and now also receives this radio flag system shows how great the solidarity is with the people in need in Ukraine," said Ronny Zimmermann. "It's nice to see that the sport is sticking together."

Ukrainian FIFA referee Kateryna Usova

Source Photo: © Yuliia Perekopaiko / DFB

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