With 40 years+ of experience in mail order business we are the largest specialist for refereeing accessoiries and team equipment. We offer practical rule equipment, referee clothing and professional training equipment: high quality specialist knowledge, excellent services and a product range carefully selected by experts.

Official partnership


Schiedsrichter DE is the official partner of the referees of the Saxon Football Association. We are enthusiastic about this cooperation and contribute our expertise to optimally equip referees and clubs with top rule accessories, inexpensive, quality referee clothing and professional training equipment. More information

That is what our customers say
That is what our customers say
shirt and kit case I use a case for summer and one for winter equipment - including a towel. Natty, compact and clean stowing. I don't want to be without this case anymore. And as we all know, keeping order is half the battle!
— TheCityhopper
That is what our customers say
A referee's whistle couldn't be better. For me it is the best whistle in the world, maybe even of all time, and that justifies the very high price! The Flip Grip is supplied in three sizes, so the whistle literally “grows” with you. Either way, the Molten Valkeen deserves five stars without any discussion because you can't get it cheaper anywhere than here.
— Nodalie
That is what our customers say
Easy to use, non-slip handle, loud and understandable beep. It has also happened that the player thought he heard a whistle during the game - but it was just the beep ;-)
— Patrick


With Spintso's communication systems you are always on the ball. Stay in contact with your team mates in every situation, professionally and expertly. Recognized world wide by leagues, teams, trainers and referees.

b+d referee set

The Original

It all started with a cup match in the early 1970s between Andernach and Neuwied ...

The top favorites on the pitch

Tough but heartfelt

Disciplinary accessories

With us the card doesn't always have to be red. The referee-must-haves at referee sets, disciplinary cards for football, volleyball, badminton, handball, match record cards and much more ....

Cool appearance


We offer more than just jerseys! We offer the all round feeling with the most popular brands, such as B+D, adidas or puma. Referee jerseys combined with matching shorts and socks and the game may begin.

The team of the hour

Assistant flags

Positioning, movement and cooperation. Always at eye level and the view on the field - also whilst running. Unmistakable in it's signals. Therefore the proper equipment is needed. We have got it for you!

The team

Your are in the right place with us: we stand for high quality specialist knowledge, excellent services and our carefully selected product range.

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Referee requirement for team sports and ball sports

Referee Shop

The referee shop is specialized for handball and football referees or other team and ball sports.Clubs associated to DFB and DHB can buy exactly the refereeing equipment that has been declared binding by national and international sports federations. In addition the referee shop offers accessories which any referee can use.

For different playing fields in handball or football, clubs can also order new club equipment from Allweck Sportartikel so that they can hold their training sessions and strategy meetings under effective and professional conditions.

Buy referee equipment online

To buy equipment for referees

Sports clubs and private customers can buy low priced equipment for referees here at the online shop. If clubs are members of the national handball or football associations and participate in related tournaments they will have to buy proper refereeing articles as soon as their referees are refereeing in competitions. This essentially applies to referee clothing along with colour matching shoes and socks. Equipment for referees also includes referee accessories such as whistles, match record cards as well as disciplinary accessories.
For private use the Referee Shop also offers large sports bags in which the b + d refereeing goods and clothes can be conveniently stowed away. Also great are all special sports watches for referees as they make various time frames possible.

Order professional referee equipment

In the referee online shop of Allzweck Sportartikel customers can order mandatory professional refereeing requirement. Offers are primarily designed for football and handball referees. Consequently clubs and their impartials receive the official football refereeing equipment by adidas as well as the necessary refereeing equipment by Kempa for handball in the Allzweck shop .
Both manufacturers have won the race in the corresponding tenders of the respective football and handball associations. However, while Kempa is currently only allowed to provide referee requirement in German handball, adidas has made it to the top of FIFA.

Buy referee equipment online

Obtain handball and football referee articles at a good price

Everywhere, where official uniforms should be obtained inexpensively, cost efficiency becomes an important issue. This is also true for grassroots sport of football and handball. If sports teams belong to an association, like DFB or DHB , you will have to comply with their rules and regulations at relevant competitions. For example which gear for captains or official refereeing uniform have to be worn in various leagues.
However, since the impartiality is an honorary official, clubs often step in and take on the costs for the refereeing equipment. Here at you can find the required handball and football refereeing equipment at a good price.