First trilateral referee base in Werdau.

Saxons, Austrians and Czechs met in Werdau on the last weekend in October. Communication and understanding difficulties? Not a trace. The love of football always wins.

Three young referee talents each from the development squads of the delegations from ÖFB (Salzburg FV) and FACR (South Moravian FV) visited the sports school in Werdau. In addition to insights into the focus of match refereeing, correct rule interpretations were also discussed - as if by magic, this also further established "football English".

As a cooperation partner, we (Schiedsrichter DE) organized the workshop with two new SPINTSO-headsets sponsored and handed over to the referees of the top promotion. Perfectly matching the presentation "Meaningful/loose headset communication & dealing with player types".

In addition to a lot of input and equipment for the talents, lively conversations and new connections with each other were created - completely detached from professional communication systems ;-)

You can find out more about this event atSaxon Football Association e.V.