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The "Year of the Referee" has started - Let's increase the appreciation for our referees in football and highlight their importance for the game!

This year is the Year of the Referee and it is time to show our respect and appreciation for their important role in football.

Let's work together to create an environment that encourages female referees to do their job in a fair and safe manner. Whether you are a player, coach, fan or official we all have a responsibility to contribute to a positive attitude towards female referees.

Let's consider our referees as part of the football family and recognize and honor their achievements. Together, we can make the Year of the Women Referee a turning point and create a culture of appreciation and respect for our women referees in football.

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News of the DFB Positive development in the year of the referees


  • Introduce new culture of interaction and appreciation
  • Attract new referees and retain active referees
  • Integrate referees more strongly into club life and the football family

The goals of the Year of the Referees can only be achieved with a strong team. With initiative on all levels: Let's be active together!