Economical use of valuable resources with Schiedsrichter DE

We have been living sustainability for countless years. Learn more about it in this article:

Climate change on everyone's lips. But the call for a sustainable approach to our environment is nothing new. Not for us at Allzweck Sportartikel. We have been consciously avoiding packaging material being produced specifically for us for many years.

We all know it: tons of newspapers and brochures flood our mailboxes every year. A large proportion of these end up in the waste paper either unread or after being read. We have created additional added value for this volume of paper that is actually no longer usable. We simply continue to use it.

This means that new wrapping paper is (almost) unnecessary for us. We only use it in exceptional cases. Otherwise, we fill the spaces with waste paper for your parcel. This way, your refereeing equipment, disciplinary cards or whatever you have just ordered from Schiedsrichter DE is safely packed for transport.

But that's not all. We use, as often as possible, used cardboard boxes. Of course, only if they still stand up to another transport. Therefore, it should not surprise you to receive your red card or the b+d referee set in a shoebox of a well-known online store with "Z".

Why you will receive a valuable SPINTSO watch in a used cardboard box? Hand on heart - you will throw the outer packaging into the waste paper bin anyway. The important thing is that you get your referee watch in perfect condition. And of course the watch will be sent to you in the original manufacturer's case.

Is that weird? Maybe a little. But in doing so, together we contribute to living the meaning of sustainability: We with our decision to reuse paper sensibly and you with your decision to consciously order your referee articles from

Thus we save together: paper, raw material and energy.
This is your and our active contribution to sustainability and environmental protection!