For people with whistle - the way to become a referee

Our senior manager and former referee (15 years of experience as a football referee in the 2nd league, assistant referee 1st Bundesliga), Winfried Baaser, knows how much commitment is necessary in the life of a referee and how strong one can come out of it. Growing from one's own challenge is a lasting good feeling, which leaves a positive mark for a lifetime. In today's jargon, he would describe this feeling like this: megacool! This experience full of impressive moments, sometimes stormy and hectic, always under power and full commitment of endurance and concentration - this is the passion that he passes on to all of us in the team and that you will have as a referee.


Are you interested in training to become a referee?

Then you've probably already asked yourself these questions:

  1. In which sport do I want to become a referee?
  2. How old do I have to be at least to become a referee?
  3. Where do I have to register for the referee training?
  4. How long and extensive is the training to become a referee?
  5. When will I be used in games?
  6. What are my opportunities for promotion?
  7. Where can I go to put my plan into action?

We have some important answers, tips and suggestions for you below. You will also find important contact links where you can turn to.

1. in which sport do I want to become a referee?


This is already your first right decision! If you have decided to become a soccer referee, then you can inform yourself here in advance. We have also compiled contact information for you. There you will learn more about referee training.

How old do I have to be at least?

Minimum age: 12 years

The referee regulations of the German Football Association (DFB) recommend a minimum age of 12 years. Individual state associations deviate from this. In the Lower Saxony Football Association, the minimum age is 14.

What else is there to consider?

What you should bring with you:

    • You are a member of a soccer club
    • You are absolutely interested in the sport of soccer and its rules and regulations
    • You are willing to manage at least 20 games per season
    • You regularly participate in further education (8-12 days per year)

4. how extensive is the training?

This is what awaits you, or more precisely, what is expected of you::

  • the training to become a soccer referee includes about 20 to 50 hours of lessons
  • depending on where you do your training course, the period lasts from one week to six weeks

Overall, it depends on the individual state associations and can vary accordingly.

At the end of the referee training is of course a written and practical exam:

  • written answering of rule questions
  • physical test (e.g. 1300-meter run in six minutes).
    Don't worry - you can do it!

5. how does it work with the games?

After the exam, it's time to go:

  • Your match assignment starts first of all in the basic classes - depending on your age, you are in the junior or even already in the senior range
  • In the initial phase, you will receive support from experienced referee colleagues. This often happens in so-called "tandem models" or "mentor programs". There you will receive tips and tricks at the beginning, so that you feel more and more confident and can improve your performance.

What opportunities do I have for advancement?

You are under observation ;-)

Everybody starts small - also as a soccer referee. For a promotion as a referee you first have to prove your skills. Because between theory and practice, the main thing is to gain experience.

Whether you can be appointed as a referee in a higher class is determined by the so-called "referee observers". If you have talent and show good performance over a longer period of time, you have good chances for your promotion:

  • if you are eligible, you will usually referee one division higher per season
  • from the divisions of the regional associations you need one year per division in principle
  • for the promotion to the Bundesliga you need at least 6 to 8 years of experience.

7. where do i turn to become a soccer referee?

The first contacts:

  • the local club
  • the local referee group
  • the responsible committees of the districts and counties or
  • the responsible DFB regional associations on site

In the following overview you will find the responsible contact persons of the regional associations. There you can find out more about referee training, referee candidate courses, referee equipment, further training and courses for soccer referees and, and, and.

You can use the e-mail addresses to contact them directly.

The team of referees DE wishes you success on your way to become a football referee.

Contact persons of the national associations for soccer referees
Bremen Football Association FV Saxony-Anhalt
Oliver Baumgart
Franz-Böhmert-Strasse 1 B
28205 Bremen
Peter Kein
Golpaer Str. 41, OT Zschornewitz
06772 Gräfenhainichen
Tel. 034953/81841
Mobile 0160/97464257
Hamburg Football Association Lower Saxony FV
Uwe Ennuschat
Jenfelder Allee 70 a-c
22043 Hamburg
Tel. 040/67581075
u.ennuschat@hfv.deUwe Ennuschat
Bernd Domurat
Fritz-Höger-Karree 7
26386 Wilhelmshaven
Tel. 04421/3705170
Mobile 0172/7058654
Schleswig-Holstein FV FLV Westphalia
Fabian Thiesen
Winterbeker Weg 49
24114 Kiel
Tel. 0431/6486225
Christian Eckle
Jakob-Koenen-Str. 2
59174 Kamen
Tel. 02307-371-505
Lower Rhine Football Association Central Rhine Football Association
Karsten Schröter
Friedrich Alfred Str. 10
47055 Duisburg
Tel. 0203/7780204
Christina Black
Sövener Str. 60
53773 Hennef
Tel. 02241/91875-40
Bavarian Football Association Baden Football Association

Manfred Trestl
Brienner street 50
80333 Munich
Tel. 089/54277057

Felix Wiedemann
Sepp-Herberger-Weg 2
76227 Karlsruhe
Tel. 0721/4090453

South Baden Football Association Hessian Football Association
Manfred Schätzle
Am Hofrain 8
78120 Furtwangen
Tel. 07723/7132
Mobile 0170/5263125
Gerd Schugard
Wachtküppelstr. 3
36160 Dipperz
Tel. 06657/7163
Württemberg FV Rhineland Football Association
Christine Zöller
Goethestrasse 9
70174 Stuttgart
Tel. 0711-22764-24
Tobias Stümper
Lortzingstraße 3
56705 Koblenz
Tel. 0261/135204
Southwest German FV Saarland Football Association
Tobias Christ
Villa Street 63a
67480 Edenkoben
Tel. 06323/9493654
Christine Alt
Hermann Neuberger Sports School 5
66123 Saarbrücken
Tel. 0681/3880313
Berlin Football Association FLV Brandenburg
Lars Gabriel
Borsigwalder way 62
13509 Berlin
Mobile 0162 42 12 007
Martin Hagemeister
Dresdener street 18
03050 Cottbus
Tel. 0355/4310225
Saxon Football Association Thuringian Football Association
Jürg Ehrt
Abtnaundorfer Street 47
04347 Leipzig
Tel. 0341/337435223
Joachim Zeng
Augsburg street 10
99091 Erfurt
Tel. 0361/3476711
Mobile 0175/5757118
Lower Saxony FV
Bernd Domurat
Fritz-Höger-Karree 7
26386 Wilhelmshaven
Tel. 04421/3705170
Mobile 0172/7058654