Developed with referees: Reliability and simplicity are the two attributes that underline the concept of this system.

Radio flag systems have been in use in football since 1994 (first World Cup1994 USA - used internationally). The current established systems are priced in the range of 600,- to 700,- EUR and offer features that referees in the highest national divisions and international assignments need. These functions on a high-end technological basis have their price!

The question that has been on our minds: Does a referee or assistant referee who does not referee in the upper leagues need the high-end equipment in the upper performance or price range, or is it also possible with standard electronics and somewhat reduced functions, so that referees in other leagues can also afford such a tool - which absolutely contributes to the quality of the game? The result of our efforts is the b+d radio flag system, which we have introduced to the market with the following new features:

  • constant signal with higher range
  • no programming necessary (systems can be used universally)
  • potential breaking points have been strengthened and optimized
  • early battery warning indication
  • no battery change necessary
  • batteries with USB charging function
  • waterproof handle with rubber coating for optimal grip
  • functionality in all weather conditions

The price of our developed radio flag system is significantly lower than the established devices, such as the Touchline system from England or the Ervocom system from Switzerland, where you have to invest 600 EUR and more. These are convincing arguments for a professional game performance at a low price.

This makes the system comparable with other professional devices:

  • Encryption of the flags and the pager when the devices are switched on.
  • Flags staffs with vibration and without sound
  • Pager optionally with sound or vibrarion

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