The ultimate comparison: FOX40 Titanium vs. FOX40 Classic pipes

FOX40 has been synonymous with high-quality sports pipes for over 30 years and is a leader in ball-less pipe technology. In today's comparison, we present two outstanding models: the FOX40 Titan premium pipe and the FOX40 Classic. Both models offer the characteristic FOX40-sound, but differ in terms of material, design, volume and color selection.

Material and design: The FOX40 Titan premium pipe impresses with its material - titanium. This not only gives it an elegant appearance, but also increased durability. With its ultra-slim, flat design, it positions itself as a top product for sport and survival. In comparison, the FOX40 Classic is made of robust plastic and has established itself as a reliable all-round product.

Sound and volume: Both models offer the classic FOX40-sound, which is known for its clarity and reliability. The FOX40 Titan produces a volume of 90 dB, ideal for events in small to medium sized areas where clarity is required without excessive volume. The FOX40 Classic reaches a volume of around 115 dB and, with its extremely loud, penetrating sound, is particularly suitable for large stadiums and outdoor sports where a strong sound is required.

Color selection and presentation: The FOX40 Titan is available in three exclusive colors and comes in an attractive gift box, making it an ideal gift. The FOX40 Classic offers a wider range of colors with eleven different options, allowing for individual choice.

Durability: Thanks to the titanium material, the FOX40 Titanium offers superior durability and is robust against the challenges of outdoor use. The FOX40 Classic made of plastic is also durable, but cannot be compared with the titanium version in terms of nobility and resistance.

Conclusion: The choice between the FOX40 Titan and the FOX40 Classic depends on your specific requirements. The Titan version is ideal for those who value elegant design and durability, while the Classic version impresses with its high volume and variety of colors and is particularly suitable for noisy environments.

Both models deliver what they promise: quality and performance that meet the expectations of sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Think about which features are most important to you and make your choice. No matter which model you choose, with a FOX40 whistle you will be well equipped on the pitch.