Dear community,

we from are enthusiastic about the response and the inspiring articles that you shared to our competition around the 'Year of the Schiris' initiated by the German Football Association. As a subdistor of this initiative, we wanted to offer a platform with our competition where you can share your impressions and thoughts.

We are happy to announce the winner of the signed jersey from Deniz Aytekin: Congratulations @melsin2001 !

The "Year of the Schiris" has found a lively echo in our community. The positive feedback underline how significant the recognition and promotion of referees is for all of us.

Highlights from your comments are:

Increased recognition:
Many emphasized the increased appreciation for the role of the referees in football.

Motivation for newcomers:
It was emphasized how inspiring the year was for existing and potential referees.

Desire for continuity:
Some of you are in the desire for long -term initiatives to strengthen the positive trend.

We are excited to see how we can take the next steps together to further deepen the appreciation for referees. Your commitment and passion are the foundation on which football and referee are building up.