Dear club representatives and referee organizers,

we at Use us passionately for the recruitment of new referees and support candidate courses and refereesNewcomer coursee with full use. We understand that the provision of appropriate equipment for prospective referees is often a financial challenge.

But we have good news! For several years we have been offering free "starter sets" that are available to every candidate. These sets contain everything the participants need to start successfully: yellow and red disciplinary cards, an case, a game note card and even a shopping voucher.

The provision is completely non -binding and free of charge for the organizers of the candidate courses. In addition, special conditions for first decorations are possible.

Interested? Just contact us and we take care of the rest! After presenting the course proof and notification of the number of participants, we send the sets free of charge.

Let us support the next generation of referees together! 💪

With sports greetings,The team of