Wolfgang Kling im Interview bei SPINTSO

Wolfgang Kling in an interview with SPINTSO

Professional tools: Communication is the key to success. Our long-standing friendship with Wolfgang Kling and the great partnership with SPINTSO allow us to use the tools developed by SPINTSO conducted...
Wie werde ich Schiedsrichter?

How do I become a referee?

For people with whistle - the way to become a referee Our senior manager and former referee (15 years of experience as a football referee in the 2nd league, assistant...
Die Nummer Eins der Pfeifen: FOX 40

The number one whistle: FOX 40

Hardly any referee still uses a whistle with a pea (ball) in the game. Most referees now use the Fox 40 from Canada - and that from the Bundesliga to Kreisliga C.

FIFA-Unparteiische Kateryna Usova

FIFA referee Kateryna Usova

Ukrainian FIFA referee Kateryna Usova attended the referees' base at the Rhein-Energie-Stadion in Cologne on Saturday, May 28, 2022, as part of the DFB Women's 2021/2022 Cup Final.
Challenge-Cup 2022 in Otterfing

Challenge Cup 2022 in Otterfing

Schiedsrichter.de was sponsor of the referees. Among other things, the Refcom communication system of the brand Spintso as well as the electronic exchange board of the brand Favero, which is also used in the Bundesliga, were used.
Fußball verbindet Menschen über Grenzen hinweg

Football connects people across borders

First trilateral referee base in Werdau. Saxons, Austrians and Czechs met in Werdau on the last weekend in October. Communication and understanding difficulties? Not a trace. The love of football...
b+d Funkfahnensystem mit Drehelement

b+d radio flag system with rotary element

Developed with referees: Reliability and simplicity are the two attributes that underline the concept of this system. Radio flag systems have been in use in football since 1994 (first World...