ACME Cyclone 888 whistle

SKU: 4090 B


Product features:

  • Small and lightweight signal whistle made of plastic
  • Shrill whistle with two air outlets
  • Suitable for referees in various sports
  • Waterproof distress whistle
  • Easy to blow for highest attention
  • Volume of 119dBA
  • Ideal for sports and outdoor activities such as soccer, hiking, sailing, water sports and more
  • Available in 5 colors

Product Description:

The ACME Cyclone 888 is a signal whistle designed specifically for referees in various sports. With its small and lightweight plastic design, it is convenient to take anywhere. The shrill whistle has two air outlets that produce a particularly loud and penetrating sound to attract the attention of everyone involved.

This signal whistle is not only suitable for sports activities like soccer, but also for outdoor adventures like hiking, sailing and water sports. Thanks to its waterproof properties, it can even be used as a marine emergency whistle to draw attention in case of emergency.

The ACME Cyclone 888 is easy to blow and produces a sound level of an impressive 119dBA. This allows it to be heard clearly even in noisy environments. The whistle is available in various vibrant colors.

Please note that for hygienic reasons whistles without or with opened packaging are excluded from exchange.

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