Board marker dry wipeable

SKU: 6311
By b+d

Product features:

  • Board marker special pen with integrated dry cleaner
  • Suitable for all B+D coachboards

Product description:

The Board Marker is a specially developed pen that is perfect for use on all B+D coachboards. He the ideal tool to capture your tactics, moves and notes on the board.

The Board Marker has a inkhead that enables clear and precise labeling. This allows you to clearly represent your game strategies and tactical instructions on the coachboard. Regardless of whether you want to mark player positions, draw lines or highlight important information, this marker offers you the required precision and readability.

A special feature of the Board marker is the integrated dry cleaner. With just one hand, you can easily remove your notes and markings from the board. The dry cleaner is attached directly to the pen and enables you to use the coachboard quickly and efficiently without having to use additional accessories.

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