DIGI Stopwatch 50 Memory PC-73

SKU: 1213

Product features:

  • Large two-line display for clear indication of lap and split times.
  • Storage of lap, split and finish times for later analysis
  • Reliable DIGI pressure point system for precise and error-free measurements
  • Timer/Pacer function for additional flexibility
  • Water and shock resistant design for professional use

Product description:

The DIGI PC-73 (50 Memory) stopwatch is the perfect entry-level model for athletes, coaches and referees who need reliable timekeeping. With its large two-line display, it provides a clear indication of lap and split times so you can accurately track your performance.

This stopwatch offers the ability to store up to 50 lap, split or finish times. All important data is backed up so you can access it later for analysis and comparison. Whether you want to monitor your progress in training or get accurate results in competitions, this stopwatch will help you do it.

The DIGI PC-73 stopwatch is equipped with the proven DIGI pressure point system, which ensures precise and error-free measurement. Each press of the buttons is reliably detected, so you can rely on accurate time measurements.

In addition, the stopwatch has a timer/pacer function that gives you extra flexibility. You can set a timer and use a pacer to customize your workouts or competitions.

The water and shock resistant design of the stopwatch ensures that it will work reliably even in adverse conditions. You can use it in the rain or during intense sports without hesitation.

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