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Product properties:

  • Individual magnet for referees
  • Available in the colors red and yellow
  • Numbered from 1 to 12
  • High quality magnetic quality
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Robust design for use on the field

Product description:

The individual magnet for referees is an indispensable tool for every referee on the field. With this high -quality magnet you can quickly and easily mark scores, game positions and other important information.

The magnet is available in the striking colors red and yellow in order to enable a clear distinction between the different markings. Each magnet is provided with a clear number of 1 to 12 to ensure simple identification and assignment.

Thanks to its robust construction, the individual magnet is durable and can withstand the hard conditions on the field. You can use it without any problems by placing it on any metallic surface or attaching it to a magnetic surface.

Order the individual magnet for referees today and improve your referee equipment with this practical and reliable product. Stay organized, efficiently and ensure that you always keep control of the game.

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