ice bag blue

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By b+d

Product features:
NEW version aprox. 28 cm diameter

  • easy to apply
  • adapts to any part of the body
  • practical fold design
  • can be filled with water or ice
  • Ideal for cooling
  • aprox. 28 cm diameter

The ice bag is an indispensable aid to enable targeted cooling for injuries or swelling. With its classic construction and high quality materials, this ice bag is a reliable companion on the field.

The ice bag has a practical clasp that ensures that the ice cubes or the fracture ice are kept inside. This gives you the certainty that you always have effective cooling at hand to treat injuries and reduce swelling.

Thanks to its flexible shape, the ice bag can optimally adapt to the body area, which is to be cooled. Regardless of whether it is the ankle, the knee, arm or any other place, this ice bag ensures efficient cooling and relief.

Another outstanding feature of the ice bag is its absolute tightness. The rubberized inner wall ensures that no water or ice penetrates outwards while using the bag. You can rely on your clothes or equipment stay dry while the ice bag has its cooling effect.

The ice pack is provided with a textile velor material that is pleasantly on the skin and offers additional comfort. You can easily place the bag on the affected area and enjoy the cooling effect.

Whether in the case of sprains, bruises or other injuries - the ice pack is a proven tool to relieve pain and support the healing process. With this classic ice bag you have a reliable instrument at hand to effectively treat injuries.

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