Electronic substitution board

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By Favero


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  • Professional electronic substitution board for football and rugby
  • Display of back numbers of the input and replacement players and added time
  • Available in various models: Favero 1S, Favero 2S, Favero 2SP
  • Dial height: 23.5 cm, readability distance: 100 m
  • LED display with great brightness (red for outgoing, green for players entering)
  • Waterproof and suitable for outdoor use (protection class IP56)
  • Robust membrane digit keyboard for fast entering the numbers
  • Built -in loadable lithium battery with a long operating time
  • Storage function for up to 6 players change
  • Automatic shutdown function and battery charger included in the scope of delivery
  • Areas for sponsorship stickers available
  • Robust housing made of polycarbonate, non -slip and light
  • Fulfilled standard EN60950-1 and CE certified
  • Guarantee: 2 years, made in Italy
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Product description:
The professional electronic substitution board of Favero is the ideal aid for referees in football and rugby. With this high-quality table you can show the back numbers of the input and replacing players as well as the added time precisely and clearly.

Available in 3 different models, with the flexibility you need. The model Favero 1S has an display on one side, while model Favero 2S offers an display on both sides. The model Favero 2SP is furthermore equipped with an upper sponsorship panel.

With an impressive number of 23.5 cm and a readability distance of 100 m, the back numbers of the players can be easily recognized. The LED display with great brightness shows the outgoing player in red and the playing player in green to give clear signals.

The substitution board is waterproof and suitable for use outdoors. Thanks to the robust membrane digit keyboard, you can enter the numbers quickly and easily. The built -in charged lithium battery offers a long operating time and enables you to display around 260 displays of 20 seconds each for the model Favero 1s and 140 ads for the model Favero 2S.

The flex module also has a practical memory function with which you can save up to 6 player changes. These can then be called up quickly from the keys from 1 to 6. The automatic shutdown function ensures economical use of the battery.

The substitution board also offers space for sponsor stickers to adequately present your partners and supporters. In the model Favero 2SP is even reserved for sponsor stickers on the top of the surfaces of 57.5 cm x 19.7 cm.

The substitution board is not only functional, but also robust and user -friendly. The housing is made of hard -wearing polycarbonate and is non -slip so that you can easily handle the board. With a weight of only 2.2 kg to 2.75 kg and dimensions of 58.2 cm x 38.3 cm x 2.7 cm or 58.2 cm x 58.7 cm x 2.7 cm Light and thin, which makes transport and storage easier.

The substitution board meet the requirements in the professional sector and offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio. It was tested in accordance with the case tests required in the EN60950-1 standard and is CE certified. You will also receive a guarantee of 2 years.

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