brush for dry marking car

SKU: 80-5057

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Product properties:

  • Replacement round brush for dry marking cars
  • Suitable for dry marking cars 1501 R and 1601 R
  • Hard perlon bristles
  • Brush with 18 rows
  • Brush width of 120 mm

Product description:

The replacement round brush for dry marking cars is an indispensable accessories for referees who want to make professional markings on the field. This high-quality brush is specially designed for use with the dry and 1601 R dry marker car in order to achieve perfect results.

Equipped with hard pearlon bristles, this brush enables a precise and even marking line on the field. The 18-row brush ensures optimal coverage and ensures efficient use. With a brush width of 120 mm, wide marking lines can be easily created.

Thanks to its hard-wearing construction, this replacement round brush is durable and designed for regular use. It ensures a reliable performance for every use. Easy to assemble and use, the brush can be easily attached to the dry marker car and enables the field to be marked quickly and precisely.

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