First aid BOX

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By b+d

Product features:

  • Complete solution for your FIRST AID
  • Contains a variety of products for first aid treatment of injuries
  • Includes disinfectant, cold and warm compress, active bandage, tapes and bandages
  • Available with a convenient bandage set
  • Compact dimensions: H 14 x W 36 x D 18 cm
  • Weight approx. 2,5 kg


The First Aid Box is the complete solution for referees and anyone who needs reliable first aid for injuries. Equipped with a variety of products, it makes first aid easy and ensures that you are well equipped in any situation.

The contents of the First Aid Box are extensive and versatile. It includes a hand disinfection pen, a multiple cold-hot compress, an instant cold compress, a cold spray, a Powerflex active bandage, sports tapes, a tape sub-bandage and a practical First-Aid bandage set.

The Hand Disinfection Pen with 10 ml content allows for quick and effective disinfection of the hands to prevent infections. The Cold and Warm Compress provides flexible cooling or warming therapy to relieve pain and swelling. The instant cold compress provides immediate cooling for injuries.

The 300 ml cold spray is ideal for quick cooling of muscle injuries and bruises. The Powerflex active bandage with a width of 5 cm provides effective support and stability for joints and muscles. The included sports tapes and tape sub-bandage allow for secure fixation and stabilization of joints.

The First-Aid dressing kit contains a range of dressing materials including triangular cloth, universal bandage, gauze bandage, gauze compresses, tape spool, quick wound dressing (plaster), plaster strips, EH scissors and disposable vinyl gloves. With this set you are well equipped to treat minor wounds and injuries.

The first aid box is compact and easy to transport. With the dimensions H 14 x W 36 x D 18 cm it fits easily into your sports bag or referee's case. With a weight of approx. 2.5 kg, it is easy to handle despite its extensive contents.

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