First Aid cooling box

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Product features:

  • Igloo cooling box in blue/white or red/white
  • Insulated body with lid that opens on both sides
  • Cooling time of about 24 hours
  • Filled with various first aid products including multiple cold hot compress, instant cold compress, cold spray, co-flex bandage, sports tape, tape sub-bandage, cooling gel, mint oil and first-aid dressing kit
  • Dimensions: H 30 x W 31 x D 21 cm or W 41 x H 38 x D 26 cm
  • Capacity: 6.6 or 15.2 liters
  • Empty weight: 1.4 or 2.5 kg
  • Weight of the filled box: 2.5 or 4.3 kg

Product description:

The First Aid cooling box is the perfect solution to keep your first aid equipment safe and cool. The Igloo cooling box impresses with its insulated body, which ensures that the temperature inside remains constant. The lid of the box can be conveniently opened on both sides for easy access to the contents.

With a cooling duration of about 24 hours, you can be sure that your medical products and cooling aids will develop their optimal effect even during longer missions or tournaments.

The First Aid cooling box comes with a comprehensive fill that includes all the essential first aid items. These include a multiple cold hot compress and an instant cold compress for quick cooling in case of injuries. The cold spray provides additional cooling and relief. The Co-Flex bandage with a width of 5 cm, sports tapes and the tape sub-bandage are used to stabilize joints and dress wounds.

The cooling box also contains cooling gel and mint oil that can be used to relieve pain from bruises, sprains and sore muscles. The First-Aid dressing kit includes essential items such as a triangular cloth, universal bandage, gauze bandage, gauze compresses, tape spool, quick wound dressing (band-aid), band-aid strips, EH scissors and a pair of disposable vinyl gloves.

The First Aid cooling box is an essential tool for coaches, sports clubs and other sports enthusiasts. With this high quality and practical cooling box, you will have all your important first aid items handy and well protected. Rely on the quality and reliability of the First Aid cooling box to act quickly and effectively in emergencies.

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