SR assistant flags set Quadro II

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Product properties:

  • Lightweight plastic stick with sure-grip soft-grip
  • Flag cloth small checkered
    1. Set variant: protective flag bag with Velcro closure, mesh insert and additional zipper compartment, made of durable nylon canvas, dimensions approx. 53 x 12.5 cm (without red and yellow card)
    1. Set variant: protective flag bag with side zipper, made of sturdy imitation leather, dimensions approx. 52 x 10 cm

Product description:

The "Quadro ll" linesman flag set is the perfect choice for referees looking for quality and functionality in one product. With this set, you are perfectly equipped to carry out your duties on the field in a professional manner.

The lightweight plastic stick with a sure-grip soft-grip ensures a comfortable grip and enables precise handling of the flags. You can count on safe and comfortable use throughout the game.

The flags in the set feature a small check pattern that ensures good visibility and distinctiveness.

The "Quadro ll" linesman flag set offers you two set variants to choose from. The first variant includes a practical protective flag bag with Velcro closure. The bag also has a mesh insert that provides good ventilation and quick drying of the flags. An additional zippered pocket provides space for small items such as referee cards or notepads. The bag is made of durable nylon canvas and measures approx. 53 x 12.5 cm.

The second set variant includes a protective flag cover with a practical zipper on the side. The protective cover is made of sturdy faux leather, which effectively protects both the flags and the staff from damage. With a size of approx. 52 x 10 cm, the cover offers enough space for safe storage of the flags.

No matter which variant you choose, the linesman flag set "Quadro ll" convinces with high quality, durability and thoughtful design. It is the ideal choice for referees who strive for reliability and comfort. Order your set now and be well equipped for every game!

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