SR assistant flag World Line III

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Product features:

  • Single flag pole handle
  • Flag cloth large plaid
  • Set variant 1: Flag protection bag with Velcro closure and mesh insert, additional zipper compartment, made of durable nylon canvas, dimensions approx. 53 x 12.5 cm (without red and yellow card)
  • Set variant 2: Flag protective bag with side zipper, robust imitation leather, dimensions approx. 52 x 10 cm

Product description:

The "World Line III" linesman flag set offers you all the features you need to perform your duties as a referee professionally and effectively. With a simple flagstick handle, this set fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to signal precisely and clearly during the game.

The flags in the set feature a large checkered flag cloth for clear visibility. Whether you need to indicate an offside position or signal a foul, your instructions will be clearly visible thanks to the eye-catching design of the flag cloth.

The "World Line III" linesman flag set is available in two set variations to suit your individual needs. The first variant includes a protective flag bag with Velcro closure and a practical mesh insert. In addition, a zippered compartment provides extra storage space for small items. The bag is made of durable nylon canvas and measures approximately 53 x 12.5 cm. This allows you to transport your flags safely and securely.

The second variant of the set offers a protective flag cover with a zipper on the side. Made of sturdy imitation leather, this cover offers a stable and reliable storage option for your flags. The protective cover has dimensions of approx. 52 x 10 cm and ensures safe protection from external influences.

The "World Line III" linesman flag set combines high-quality workmanship, functionality and durability. Get ready to perform your refereeing duties with confidence and precision and choose this professional set.

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