First-Aid bandage set

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By b+d

Product features:

  • Complete first aid dressing set
  • Contains various dressing materials and aids
  • Ideal for the quick treatment of injuries
  • Practical and compact size for on the go

Product description:

The First Aid Bandage Kit is a comprehensive kit specifically designed to provide you with fast and effective first aid care in the event of an injury or medical emergency. With its versatile contents, you are well equipped to respond appropriately to various injuries and situations.

The bandage set contains a carefully selected range of bandage materials and aids that are essential for first aid care. It includes a triangular cloth, a universal bandage and a gauze bandage to fix and cover wounds. In addition, two gauze compresses are included to absorb blood or wound secretions.

To stabilize and protect injuries, the set includes a spool of tape that provides reliable fixation of dressings. A 0.5 m quick wound dressing (plaster) is also included to cover and protect minor wounds. For the care of minor cuts or scratches, 20 plaster strips are also available.

To cut dressing materials or garments precisely and safely, the dressing set includes a high-quality pair of EH scissors. These robust scissors allow you quick access to the materials you need and easy handling.

In addition, a pair of disposable vinyl gloves are included in the set to ensure hygienic use and increase protection against infection.

The First Aid dressing kit is designed in a handy and compact format that is perfect for traveling. It fits easily in your bag or backpack and is always at hand when it matters.

Be prepared by always having the First Aid dressing kit with you. With this comprehensive set you have the necessary bandages and tools at hand to react quickly and appropriately in case of injury.

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