Spare parts for wet marking trolley

SKU: 60-7016


jet nozzle/ flat spray nozzle:

  • High Quality flat Spray Nozzle for Wet Marking Trolley
  • Complete set for efficient and precise line marking
  • Spare parts available on request

The jet nozzle/flat jet nozzle is an indispensable accessory for every wet marking cart. With this high quality product you can perform your line markings on the field or other surfaces efficiently and precisely.

The flat jet nozzle is specially designed to ensure an even application of paint. The wide jet distributes the paint optimally, allowing you to mark quickly and evenly. Whether you want to mark soccer fields, parking lots or other surfaces, you will achieve professional results with the flat jet nozzle.

Brass nozzle:

  • High quality brass construction
  • Precise and uniform marking
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Durable and robust
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The brass nozzle ES 90-04 for wet markers is the ideal accessory for referees and sports field operators who value precise and uniform markings. Made of high quality brass, this nozzle ensures long-lasting and reliable performance.

Thanks to its precise design, the brass nozzle ensures even distribution of marking paint. This creates clean lines and precise areas on the field. Whether soccer, rugby or other sports - with this nozzle you will achieve professional results.

Sealing ring:

  • High quality sealing ring for the wet marking trolley.
  • Provides a reliable seal
  • Spare part for optimal performance of the marking trolley

The sealing ring for wet marking carts is an indispensable spare part to ensure the optimal performance of your marking cart. Made of high-quality and robust material, the sealing ring provides a reliable seal that prevents paint from leaking during the marking process.

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