Flex hose

SKU: 6209
By b+d

Product properties:

  • Largely prevents the needle from breaking
  • With outer and interior thread
  • Compatible with all ball pumps in our range
  • Length: approx. 10 cm

Description: The Flex hose is the perfect addition to your ball pump and ensures easy and safe pumping your sports balls.

The main feature of the Flex hose is its ability to largely prevent the needle from breaking the needle. Thanks to its flexible material, it absorbs the pressure and movements when inflating, which reduces the risk of needle damage.

The flex hose is equipped with an outer and interior thread that ensures a secure and stable connection between the hose and your ball pump. Regardless of whether your ball pump has an outer thread or an inner thread, the flex hose fits perfectly and offers a reliable connection without loosening or turning off.

With a length of approx. 10 cm, the flex hose is compact and handy.

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