foldable football match record card

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Product Features:

  • Optimized for the ESB (Electronic Match Report) in DFBnet SpielPLUS.
  • Space for up to 7 substitutes per team
  • Space for up to 20 goals per team
  • Fields for all events to be noted according to ESB (time, type, player number, player name, personal penalties etc.)
  • Fields for substitutions or up to 11 substitutions
  • Field for documentation of the order service
  • Generous field with plenty of space for notes
  • Half-time and final result including result after extra time easily visible
  • Penalty shooting with reinforced/thicker line after 5 shots for easy and clear noting of shooters and results
  • Space for up to 11 penalty shots per team
  • Suitable for cup matches with penalty shootout and overtime
  • Writing surfaces in the referee pocket set can be easily written on without any inconvenience in the game and are not covered up
  • Clear, generous and logical structure of the fields despite compact format
  • Colored marking of fields for substitutions, goals and personal penalties for better orientation
  • Stable cover as writing pad
  • Card stays securely in the cover, does not fall out easily
  • Shooters and penalty shot results can be easily noted down
  • Shooters and results of penalty shots are clearly marked after 5 shots
  • Format protects from wetness (sweat and rain)
  • Fits in standard SR jersey pockets and is easy to remove
  • Available in German and English
  • Foldable soccer match note card according to W. Kling (SRG Bad Tölz, TSV Otterfing)

Product description:

The foldable match note card by W. Kling, TSV Otterfing, SRG Bad Tölz, is an innovative product especially developed for referees. It allows an optimal and fast recording of all relevant information during the match.

The card is especially optimized for use in the ESB (Electronic Match Report) in DFBnet SpielPLUS. It offers sufficient space for up to 7 substitutes per team and up to 20 goals per team. All events to be noted according to ESB such as time, type, player number, player name and personal penalties find sufficient space on the card.

In addition, the card has fields for substitutions or up to 11 substitutions, so that even complex substitution situations can be easily documented. A separate field is provided for the documentation of the order service.

The generous note area provides sufficient space for individual notes and comments during the game. Half-time and final results, including the result after extra time, are easily visible and can be entered quickly.

The special field for penalty kick shooting is particularly practical. Here the shooters and results can be noted easily and clearly. After 5 shots, a strengthened/thicker line is displayed to help find results for successful and failed shots. The card has space for up to 11 penalty shots per team.

The foldable match note card is suitable not only for regular matches, but also for cup matches with penalty shootouts and extra time.

The structure of the card is clear, generous and logically arranged, despite its compact format. Different fields are color-coded for quicker recognition of substitutions, goals and personal penalties and better orientation.

The card comes with a sturdy sleeve that doubles as a writing pad. The card sits securely in the sleeve and does not fall out easily. The disciplinary cards are integrated, do not fall out and can still be removed easily.

The format of the card largely protects against moisture such as sweat and rain. It fits easily into common SR jersey pockets and can be easily removed.

Note for practical use: The foldable match note card by W. Kling, TSV Otterfing, SRG Bad Tölz, unfolds its full potential in combination with the extra available pencil case "b+d Referee - Pocket - Set in FIFA size". The pencil case allows easy insertion and replacement of the card. By simply turning over the middle page, the card in the pencil case can be used optimally, quickly and clearly.

The pencil case offers additional protection, for example against moisture. It also serves as an integrated writing pad and storage place for the disciplinary cards. The card and the pencil case together are flat and fit easily into the breast pocket of all common SR jerseys. Each card can also be used twice by simply flipping it over and inverting the fold.


foldable football match record card - German / 10 ist gerade nicht auf Lager und wird versandt, sobald es wieder verfügbar ist


Die faltbare Spielnotizkarte von W. Kling, TSV Otterfing, SRG Bad Tölz, ist ein innovatives Produkt, das speziell für Schiedsrichter entwickelt wurde. Sie ermöglicht eine optimale und schnelle Erfassung aller relevanten Informationen während des Spiels.

Die Spielnotizkarte ist optimiert für den Einsatz in einem extra erhältlichen Mäppchen ("b+d Schiri Pocket-Set mit Diziplinarkarten im FIFA-Maß"), wo sie einfach eingesteckt bzw. ausgewechselt werden kann.

Dort ist sie durch einfaches Umblättern der Mittelseite optimal, schnell und übersichtlich einsetzbar; alle notwendigen Informationen zum Spielverlauf
sowie alle persönlichen Informationen zu Spielern (Name, persönliche Strafen etc.) sind auf einer (!) Seite übersichtlich und logisch angeordnet und schnell auffindbar, alle zusätzlichen Informationen zum Spiel (Ergebnisse, Strafstoßschießen etc.) sind auf der anderen Seite durch einfaches Umlegen der Mittelseite erreichbar – jeweils immer links die Heimmannschaft,
rechts die Gastmannschaft. Blaue Markierungen sowie die Buchstaben „H“ (Heim) und „G“ (Gast) erleichtern das schnelle optische Auffinden von Notizbereichen auf der Karte.

Zusätzlich ist die Karte in dem Mäppchen auch bestens z.B. gegen Nässe geschützt. Das Mäppchen dient als zusätzliche "integrierte" Schreibunterlage und gleichzeitig als Aufbewahrungsort für die Disziplinarkarten, die dort sicher aufbewahrt
und trotzdem einfach zu entnehmen sind. Das Mäppchen und die die Notizkarte bleiben dabei trotzdem flach und sind leicht in eine Brusttasche aller aktuellen SR-Trikots zu stecken bzw. zu entnehmen, ohne dass Teile dabei rausfallen.

Karte und Mäppchen zusammen entfalten das komplette Potential dieses innovativen Produkts für den Schiedsrichter im Praxiseinsatz. Jede Karte ist zweimal nutzbar - einfach umdrehen, die Faltung invertieren und wieder ins Mäppchen einstecken.

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