joint bracket for poles with 25 mm diameter

SKU: 6037
By b+d

Product properties:

  • Adjustable to different heights along the poles
  • crossbar can be clamped or loosely put on
  • black

Product description:

suitable for our poles with 25 mm diameter (# 6038 + # 3903)
Our joint bracket is a varied accessories for your training aids. With this bracket you can flexibly adjust the height of the holding bar to design your exercises and training formations individually. Regardless of whether you want to train jumping power, coordination or mobility, the joint bracket offers you the opportunity to find the optimal height for your needs.

The joint bracket can be moved as desired along the holding bar. This enables you to adjust the rod to different heights, depending on the requirements of your exercises. You can position the holding stick higher or deeper to adapt the level of difficulty or to address various training goals.

Another advantage of the joint bracket is the possibility to put on the crossbar either or put on loosely. Depending on the exercise and training goal, you can safely fix the cross bar or deliberately relax to meet specific requirements. This flexibility enables you to adapt the training to your needs and carry out various exercise variants.

Our brackets are made of high -quality material that is robust and durable. They offer safe and reliable attachment to the holding rods and ensure a stable training environment. Regardless of whether you use them for slalom poles, hurdles or other training aids, our joint brackets ensure safe and effective implementation of your exercises.

The easy handling and assembly of the joint bracket enables you to start your training quickly and easily. You can easily attach the bracket to the holding bar and adjust it as required.

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