Handball goal net for goals 3 x 2 m

SKU: 112-01

Cord thickness
  • For goals 3 x 2 m
  • Material: polypropylene, high strength stiff, knotless
  • Color: green or white
  • Cord thickness: 3 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm
  • Mesh size: 100 mm square
  • for upper net depth: 80 cm
  • for lower net depth: 100

The net has a square mesh and comes with a fixed finishing edge of approx. 5-7 mm. This ensures that the net has resistant attachment points and gives it a coherent finish on each side. The delivery program includes a 6 mm PP tensioning line to prevent possible sagging in the upper part of the goal net.

As a leading sports field equipment supplier, we know how important reliable and durable equipment is. Our handball goal nets are designed specifically for use on the field and provide you with the quality and reliability you need.

Our goal nets are made of durable Polypropylenethat can withstand the toughest conditions - these nets are ready for any challenge.

Our handball goal nets are easy to install and fit standard goal sizes. They are versatile and suitable for both professional games and recreational use. Thanks to their lightweight yet sturdy construction, you can easily transport the nets and use them for different venues.

As your trusted sports field equipment supplier, we offer the best selection of goal nets the market has to offer!

Note: Before ordering, please check the size specifications and make sure the goal nets fit your goals.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team.


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