Heart rate and pulse monitor

SKU: 3028

Product features:

  • Heart rate and pulse monitor with ECG accuracy.
  • Fat burning indicator and calorie counter
  • Limit display for optimal training
  • Wireless transmission for convenient data analysis
  • Lightweight and compact transmitter for comfortable wearing
  • Unique LED display for easy readability
  • Replaceable transmitter battery for long-term use
  • Batteries: CR2032 button cells
  • -discontinued model--

Product Description:

Heart Rate Pulse Monitor is a reliable and accurate device that helps you monitor your heart rate and pulse during exercise. With its ECG accuracy, it provides you with accurate and reliable readings to optimize your workout.

The heart rate monitor has a fat burning indicator to help you reach the optimal range for fat burning during your workout. You can effectively monitor your calorie intake and ensure that you reach your workout goals.

With the limit display, you can keep an eye on your heart rate and make sure you're exercising in the right intensity range. This allows you to customize your workout and get the maximum benefit.

Wireless transmission allows you to conveniently analyze and evaluate your training data. You can view and track your results on your smartphone, tablet or computer to keep an eye on your progress.

The heart rate monitor is equipped with a lightweight and compact transmitter that can be worn comfortably on your body. You will hardly notice that you are wearing it while it continuously measures your heart rate and sends the data to the receiver device.

The unique LED display of the heart rate monitor allows you to read the readings easily and clearly. You can read your heart rate instantly without having to access complicated menus or settings.

The heart rate monitor comes with a replaceable transmitter battery that gives you long-term use. You can simply replace the battery when it runs out and continue to use the heart rate monitor without any problems.

With the heart rate heart rate monitor, you can exercise more efficiently, burn excess fat and strengthen your cardiovascular system. It helps you take your workout to the next level and achieve your fitness goals. Rely on the precision and reliability of the heart rate monitor to get the most out of your workout.

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