Cooling spray - 300 ml

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Product features:

  • Cools bruises, swellings and strains in seconds
  • Follow application instructions
  • Contents: 300 ml
  • Quick relief for injuries
  • Lowers the temperature of the affected area
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Clean the affected area before use
  • Shake spray can well
  • Hold can vertically, about 15-20 cm from the skin
  • Apply a thin, even layer
  • Allow to dry naturally
  • Repeat if necessary, but observe maximum number of applications
  • Wash hands thoroughly after application
  • Not a substitute for medical care
  • Seek medical advice in case of serious injury or persistent discomfort
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Product description:

Cooling spray is a quick solution for cooling bruises, swelling and strains. It works within seconds and can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. For best results, it is important to follow the application instructions.

The spray can contains 300 ml of the cooling product. For injuries such as bruises, swelling or strains, the cooling spray provides quick relief. It lowers the temperature of the affected area, which can reduce pain and inflammation.

Before you use the cooling spray, you should clean the affected area thoroughly. Shake the spray can well to make sure the ingredients are well mixed. Hold the can vertically and spray a thin, even layer of the cooling spray onto the skin from a distance of about 15-20 cm. Avoid spraying too close to the skin or applying too much product.

Allow the cooling spray to dry naturally on the skin. It may take a few seconds for the cooling effect to kick in. If necessary, you can repeat the application after a few minutes. However, be aware of the maximum number of applications within a certain period of time, as indicated in the product instructions.

After using the cooling spray you should wash your hands thoroughly to remove any residue. It is important to note that cooling spray is not a substitute for medical care. In case of severe injury, persistent discomfort, or if symptoms worsen or do not improve, it is advisable to consult a medical professional for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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