foldable coach board football

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By b+d

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Product features:

  • Foldable football coach boards
  • Stable aluminum frame with corner reinforcement and handles
  • Magnetic plastic playing field (PE)
  • Including 2 magnetic player sets + ball, 2 board markers and dry cleaners
  • Art. No. #6319: closed 30x45cm, open 60x45 cm
  • Art. No. #6323: closed 45x60 cm, open 90x60 cm
  • Not compatible with barryng bags  # 6301 and # 6302

Prodcuct description:

The foldable football coachboard is an indispensable tool for coaches and referees. It offers you the opportunity to visualize tactical instructions, moves and formations and discuss with your team. With a stable aluminum frame and corner reinforcement, the board is particularly robust and durable.

The magnetic plastic playing field (PE) enables you to precisely present the positions of the players and the ball using the supplied magnetic player rates. The magnets hold safely on the field so that they can easily implement their tactical ideas. The board is also delivered with two board markers with which you can hold your notes and comments directly on the field.

With the practical handles and the foldable function, the coachboard can be easily transported and stowed up in a space -saving manner. The compact design enables you to take the board with you everywhere and quickly open it up to present your coaching strategies. Depending on the model, the closed dimensions are either 30x45 cm or 45x60 cm. When the condition is open, the field extends to 60x45 cm or 90x60 cm.

Please note that the foldable coachboards are not compatible with the tote bags 6301 and 6302.

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