set of magnets football or handball

SKU: 600 S
By b+d


Product overview:

  • Magnet player sets for referee
  • Included are 2 complete team sets including all referees and ball
  • With plastic caps of 24 mm diameter
  • The player sets are numbered
  • Suitable for football or handball

Product description:

The magnetic player sets for referees are the perfect solution to manage your soccer matches professionally. Each set contains two complete team sets with all the necessary referee figures and a ball. The 24 mm diameter plastic caps allow you to effortlessly move the players around the field and accurately recreate the plays.

A special feature of these player sets is their numbering, which makes it easy to identify the individual players. This allows you to always keep track of the players' positions and react quickly to the events of the game. Whether you are a professional referee or just enjoy soccer, these magnetic player sets are an indispensable tool for every game.

The high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability and easy handling. The plastic caps are durable and ensure that the figures stick securely to the field. They can be easily moved to accurately depict the course of the game and make the right decisions.Your

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