Training marking half dome Ø 19.5 cm 40 pieces

SKU: 6042
By b+d

Product properties:

  • Halves domes
  • Suitable for almost every training
  • 10 pieces of yellow, white, blue and red hemispheres on a transport tab
  • From impact -resistant plastic
  • Dimensions: approx. Ø 19.5 cm, 8.5 cm high
  • 40 pieces

Product description:

The marking domes are a varied training accessories that is suitable for almost every sport and training. With their robust construction and the bright colors, they offer an effective way to design exercises and mark areas.

The set consists of a total of 40 pieces, 10 pieces each of yellow, white, blue and red. Different colors enable a clear distinction between marking areas or teams and ensure better visibility during training. The domes are lined up on a transport rod, which enables easy transport and proper storage.

Made from impact resistant plastic, the marking domes offer high resistance and durability. They can be easily used on different surfaces, both inside and outside. The domes have got  a diameter of approx. 19.5 cm and a height of 8.5 cm, which makes it an optimal size for different training exercises.

The marking domes balls are extremely versatile. They can be used as target markings, field limits, obstacles or for coordination. They can easily be placed on the floor and offer a stable and visible marking for your exercises. They can be creative and arrange the hemispheres in different configurations in order to make the training varied and challenging.

The marking domes are not only suitable for trainers and sports clubs, but also for use in the private sector. They offer an easy way to transform the garden into a training ground and carry out exercises to improve your own fitness.

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