Markierung hats Ø 20 cm

SKU: 6040
By b+d


Product properties:

  • Marking hats
  • Light and space saving
  • With notch for obstacle rods
  • Neongelb and neon red on a transport tab
  • Flexible plastic
  • Ø 20 cm, height 5.5 cm
  • 24 pieces, red/yellow
  • 48 pieces, red/yellow
  • 40 pieces, yellow/red/blue/white

Product description:

The marking hats are an indispensable training utensil for all sports and are ideal for exercises and training outdoors or in the hall. With your light and space -saving design, you are easy to transport and offer a wide range of possible uses.

The marking hats are provided with a notch, which was specially developed for obstacle rods. This allows you to put your hats on the poles without any problems and design different exercises and course. The notch ensures a secure hold, so that the hats remain stable even with intensive movements.

The bright colors of the marking hats ensure good visibility, even in poor lighting conditions. This allows you to clearly structure your exercises and training and help the players to orientate yourself quickly and safely. The hats are lined up on a transport tab, which ensures easy transport and proper storage.

Made made of flexible plastic, the marking hats offer high durability and durability. They are resistant to bumps and falls and keep their shape even after intensive use. The hats have a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 5.5 cm, which makes it an optimal size for different training exercises.

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