Molten BLAZZA Premium whistle

SKU: 4079
By Molten

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Product features:

  • Special basketball whistle "Blazza".
  • Without ball
  • Titanium mouthpiece
  • Direct fast rising tone
  • 2 frequency ranges (3.74 and 4.10 kHz)
  • 113 dB volume
  • Cord included

Product description:

"Blazza" is a high quality whistle specially designed for use in basketball. It is characterized by its outstanding features and allows referees to accurately direct the game and give clear signals.

The whistle features a unique hybrid structure consisting of a robust titanium frame and an elastic mouthpiece cover. This combination provides a soft, elastic surface that offers excellent durability. This allows the whistle to maintain its performance even during intensive use in the hall.

With its direct fast rising tone, the "Blazza" produces a clear, high-pitched sound that immediately grabs the attention of everyone on the basketball court. This allows referees to effectively stop play and clearly communicate decisions.

The whistle also offers two frequency ranges of 3.74 kHz and 4.10 kHz. This allows referees to adjust the sound of the whistle to their individual needs and choose the optimal tone depending on the situation.

With a volume of 113 dB, the "Blazza" ensures a clear sound projection that is easily audible even in noisy basketball halls. This allows referees to ensure that their signals are perceived by players, coaches and spectators alike.

The whistle comes with a handy cord so it's always handy and won't get lost. This way, referees have the whistle at hand at all times and can react quickly when it comes to making quick decisions on the pitch.

Please note that for hygienic reasons whistles without or with opened packaging are excluded from exchange.

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