Molten DOLFIN referee whistle

SKU: 4074 B
By Molten


Product features:

  • Specially developed for soccer and handball
  • Direct high tone for clear signals
  • No ball inside
  • Loudness of 124 dB/10 cm at 4.15 kHz & 3.67 kHz
  • Produces a shrill sound over 4 octaves

Product Description:

The Molten Dolfin whistle is an indispensable tool for every referee in soccer and handball. With its direct high-pitched tone, it provides clear and crisp signals that can be heard across the court. Whether you're officiating a packed stadium or whistling an important game on a smaller scale, this whistle will meet your needs.

With a volume of 124 dB/10 cm and a frequency range of 4.15 kHz & 3.67 kHz, the Molten Dolfin whistle produces a shrill and rich sound that can reach any area of a packed stadium. You can be sure that your decisions will be heard and game actions will be precisely controlled.

The whistle is available in two stylish color options: classic black and stylish blue-black.

Please note that for hygienic reasons whistles without or with opened packaging are excluded from exchange.

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