Multi hurdle - height adjustable

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By b+d

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Product properties:

  • 3-way height adjustable at 15, 23 or 29 cm
  • Adjustable obstacle rods for height and depth adjustment
  • Versatile and gradually increased
  • Beat-resistant plastic for indoor and outdoor use
  • Width at the bottom approx. 55 cm, a little further up approx. 46 cm
  • As a 6 Set # 6082

Product description:

Our multi-training hurdle is the perfect tool to raise your training to the next stage and improve your sporting skills. With its versatile functionality and its adjustable height, it is the ideal companion to gradually increase your training plan.

The hurdle is equipped with a triple height-adjustable system. You can easily set the height of the hurdle to 15 cm, 23 cm or 29 cm, depending on which training level you want to reach. In addition, two of the obstacle bars can be folded up, below, at the front or back in order to individually adjust the hurdle in height and depth. This enables you to varied and effective training.

The multi-training hurdle is versatile and is suitable for various sports and training goals. You can use them for training speed, jumping power, coordination and mobility. Whether in football, basketball, athletics or other sports - the hurdle offers you the opportunity to improve your athletic skills.

Made from impact -resistant plastic, the hurdle is robust and durable. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and also withstands intensive training sessions. You can use them both on the sports field and in the hall. Due to its weather resistance, it is also suitable for outdoor use.

With a width of approx. 55 cm below and approx. 46 cm a little further up, the hurdle offers enough space for effective training. It is stable and stands safely on the floor so that you can fully concentrate on your exercises.

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