Steel net hooks

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made of stainless steel, with nut piece

Net hooks allow goal nets to be conveniently and securely attached to goals; they allow for easy and reliable installation of the net to goals and ensure permanent attachment during play. They provide stability and help prevent the net from slipping or coming loose during use.

We offer 5 different plastic net hooks (for fully or partially welded goals) as well as a stainless steel version (# 0133).
The nets can be mounted (depending on the type of hook) theft-proof (# 0132) or removable. The mounting is done in the profile groove (recessed rail), which is located at the rear side of the goal posts as well as the lath (by simply screwing into the goal profile).

All net hooks are weatherproof and designed for permanent outdoor use.

Our recommendation: mount net hooks in 20cm intervals, so the net is perfectly fixed to the goal.

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