carrying bag black for coach boards

SKU: 6301
By b+d


Product features:

  • Black carrier bag with logo for coach boards, made of nylon
  • Equipped with a zipper pocket for additional storage space
  • Delivery takes place without board, marker and accessories
  • Suitable for small boards #6320 and #6321 - Dimensions 45x30 cm
  • Suitable for large boards: #6312 and #6305 - Dimensions 90x60 cm
  • NOTE: not suitable for the foldable coachboard #6319 or #6323
  • delivery without  contents

Product description:

The carrying bag for coach boards "Professional" offers you the optimal solution to safely and comfortably transport your coach boards. The elegant design in black with the logo gives the bag a professional appearance.

The bag is specifically designed to protect your coach boards and at the same time offer the necessary storage space. With the practical zipper pocket, you have the option of storing additional accessories such as markers such as markers, eraser or magnets.

Please note that the bag is delivered without a coach board, marker and accessories. You will therefore receive a high -quality bag that was specially developed for the models mentioned above.

This size is ideal for small coach boards, such as the models #6320 and #6321. It offers you the perfect fit and protects your board from bumps and scratches during transport.

Please note: these bags are not suitable for the foldable coachboard #6319 or # 6323

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