OMRON Pedometer Walking style IV

SKU: 6001

Product features:

  • High precision 3D sensor to count steps and calculate calories burned.
  • Differentiation between normal steps and more active, faster steps
  • Action mode for tracking specific activities or outside of daily routine
  • Memory function for saved data
  • Display of daily steps, distance traveled and calories burned
  • Clock function
  • Aerobic activity step counter
  • Belt clip and strap included
  • Light weight of only 0.02 kg
  • Compact dimensions of 42 x 13 x 57 mm
  • Scope of delivery: Pedometer Walking Style IV, 1x battery CR2032 (installed), belt clip and strap, user manual
  • Color: black

Product description:

The Walking Style IV pedometer is a convenient device that helps you keep track of your daily activity and track your progress. With its high-precision 3D sensor, it reliably counts your steps and calculates calories burned, giving you a better understanding of your physical activity.

What sets Walking Style IV apart from other pedometers is its ability to automatically distinguish active and faster steps from your normal walking pace. This gives you accurate information about your activity and helps you better assess your progress.

In addition, the pedometer has a handy action mode. With this mode, you can track specific activities or time periods outside of your daily routine. Whether it's a walk, a jog, or a fitness class, the action mode reliably records your activity and displays the corresponding data.

The pedometer offers a memory function that allows you to review your saved data. You can retrieve your daily steps, distance traveled, and calories burned to track your progress over time.

In addition to step counting and calorie calculation, the Walking Style IV has a handy clock function that shows you the current time. So you have your pedometer and your watch combined in one device.

The pedometer is designed to be lightweight and compact, so it can be worn unobtrusively. With the included belt clip and strap, you can securely attach the pedometer and carry it with you comfortably.

The Walking Style IV pedometer already comes with a CR2032 battery for immediate use. The enclosed user manual will help you to set up the device correctly and to use all functions optimally.

The Walking Style IV pedometer is a reliable companion for your fitness and activity. Whether you want to count your daily steps, track your distance traveled or monitor your calories burned, this pedometer has all the features you need.

Thanks to its accurate 3D sensor, you can be sure that your steps are accurately recorded. The pedometer automatically distinguishes between normal steps and more active, faster steps, so you get a more accurate picture of your physical activity.

The pedometer's action mode allows you to track specific activities outside of your daily routine. Whether you're completing a running session or participating in an intense workout, the pedometer captures your activity and provides reliable data to help you measure your progress.

With its convenient memory, you can access and review your saved data at any time. View your daily steps, distance traveled and calories burned to get an accurate picture of your activity and reach your goals.

Pedometer Walking Style IV is not only functional, but also practical to use. The elastic strap with Velcro closure allows you to adjust the width continuously to provide you with a comfortable and secure fit. The black design gives the pedometer a modern and attractive look.

With a weight of only 0.02 kg and compact dimensions of 42 x 13 x 57 mm, the pedometer is lightweight and unobtrusive. You can easily attach it to your belt or clothing and wear it throughout the day without it restricting your movement.

In the scope of delivery of the pedometer Walking Style IV you will find everything you need for immediate use. In addition to the pedometer itself, you'll get a CR2032 battery already installed, a handy belt clip and strap, and a detailed instruction manual to help you set up and use the device.

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