Puma Team Liga socks CORE

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By Puma


Product properties:

  • Puma Team league socks core
  • Comfortable, dampening and breathable functionality
  • Individual fit and perfect stop
  • A great basic stocking
  • Breathable, dampening, super comfortable
  • Ritting direction to the front
  • Tree wool heel and toe area for more comfort
  • Ankle reinforcement for more stability
  • Material: 90% polyester, 10% Elasthan
  • Color: black /white

Product description:

The Puma Team league socks Core are the perfect choice for referees who value comfort and performance. With your comfortable, dampening and breathable functioning, you offer you a comfortable fit all day.

The individual fit and the perfect hold of the stockings ensure that you stay on the spot and do not slip. Regardless of whether you stand on the pitch or move intensively, these stockings offer you a secure seat and support you with every step.

The Puma Team league socks core are not only functional, but also stylish. With your black and white design, you fit perfectly with every referee uniform and give your outfit a professional look.

The socks are equipped with breathable materials that ensure optimal air circulation and keep your feet dry and cool. The damping effect offers additional comfort and reduces the load on your feet while you are active.

The heel and toe area of ​​the stockings is made of cotton, which ensures additional comfort and a comfortable fit. The ankle reinforcement offers improved stability and supports you with quick changes of direction and dynamic movements.

Made of high quality material, consisting of 90% polyester and 10% elastane, these stockings guarantee long durability and shape resistance. They are durable and keep their shape and color even after repeated washing.

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