Puma Team Liga Training Socks

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By Puma


Product properties:

  • Suitable for different sports
  • Elastic properties for a good fit
  • Puma Cat logo for brand recognition
  • Soft footbed for comfort
  • Performance zone at the midfoot for additional support
  • Color: black and white

Product description:

The Puma Team league training socks are the perfect companions for your sporting activities. Whether with football training or in a different sport, these socks always fit. They offer you comfort, functionality and a stylish design.

The elastic properties of these sports socks ensure an optimal fit and a secure hold. They adapt perfectly to your foot shape and stay in place during training without slipping.

With the Puma Cat logo also show these socks your connection to the brand Puma. It is a symbol of quality and style and gives your outfit a sporty look.

The soft footbed of the socks ensures a comfortable fit and offers additional damping. So you can fully concentrate on your training without having to worry about uncomfortable socks.

The performance zone at the midfoot offers additional support and stability. It helps to fix the foot safely and reduces the risk of injuries, especially with fast movements and changes of direction.

With their black and white design, these socks fit perfectly with your referee equipment or any other sports outfit. They are versatile and can be worn in both training and competition.

Made from high -quality materials are the Puma Team league training socks durable and durable. They also keep their shape and color after repeated washing.

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