referee set Professional Basic

SKU: 4106 E
By b+d


Product features:

  • made of robust nylon canvas
  • Referee Set Professional Basic with different filling options
  • Available as football set in German, English, Dutch and Swedish
  • Available as handball set in German, English and French
  • Compact dimensions of 19 x 26 cm when closed

Product description:

The b+d Professional referee set BASIC is an indispensable tool for referees in soccer and handball. It contains all the contents of the original referee sets in the larger nylon canvas folder, which provides additional storage space and allows safe storage and transportation. It provides you with all the essential utensils you need to perform your duties effectively and professionally.

The language variants of the referee set offer you the opportunity to get the set in the language that best suits your area of operation and requirements. For the soccer set you can choose between the languages German, English, Dutch and Swedish. The handball set is available in English, German and French. This way you can be sure that you will always be able to make yourself understood, regardless of the language used during the games.

The compact dimensions of the closed set of 19x26 cm make it easy to store the referee set in your pocket or backpack and take it with you wherever you go. This way, you'll always have your referee equipment at hand and you'll be able to carry out your duties professionally.

Whether you use the b+d Professional Referee Set BASIC in soccer or handball, it provides you with all the essential materials to ensure games run smoothly. Rely on the quality and functionality of this set to successfully master your refereeing tasks.

Choose the appropriate language variant or opt for the basic set or an empty variant to cover your individual needs. With the b+d Professional Referee Set, you are well equipped to perform your refereeing duties with confidence and competence. The larger Canvas sleeve provides additional storage space and ensures that you can keep all the contents of the Original Referee Set and more safe and organized.

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