Flexible slalom pole with spike

SKU: 3290 B
By b+d


Product features:

  • Flexible slalom pole with spike
  • Minimized risk of injury thanks to amazing elasticity and extreme pliability
  • No deformation, splintering or risk of breakage even when bent over
  • Material: soft plastic
  • Length: 52 cm + spike/skewer 11 cm

Product description:

The Slalom Flexi pole with spike is an essential tool for referees and coaches to effectively perform slalom and agility drills. This pole is specially designed to minimize the risk of injury while providing maximum flexibility and durability.

Thanks to its amazing elasticity and extreme pliability, the Flexi Bar offers a high level of safety. Even if accidentally knocked over, the bar will remain intact without deforming, splintering or breaking. This provides a reassuring training experience and allows exercises to be performed with concentration.

It is made of soft plastic that is both sturdy and flexible. This material provides the perfect combination of stability and flexibility to meet the demands of slalom and agility exercises. The pole has a length of 52 cm and is equipped with an additional earth spike of 11 cm. The ground spike provides a firm hold in the ground and allows easy attachment of the pole.

With this slalom flexi pole referees and coaches can take their training to the next level. It is ideal for various sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis and many others. Improve your agility, speed and reaction time with this high quality flexi pole.

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