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Overview of product features:

  • Pre-printed writing card in accordance with DFB online match report requirements.
  • Rounded corners for safe handling
  • Compact size of 12 x 8 cm

Keep a record of all the important information and events during the match with the new soccer match note card, specially adapted to the requirements of the DFB online match report. This compact card gives you the opportunity to precisely document the match action while keeping an eye on all relevant details.

The match note card is made of high-quality writing cardboard and has pre-printed sections that comply with the specifications of the DFB online match report. This allows you to easily record all the necessary information such as match time, score, match events, substitutions and cautions. Thanks to the pre-made layout, you save time and can fully concentrate on the game.

The rounded corners of the card ensure safe handling and prevent unwanted injuries or damage. You can comfortably carry the game notecard in your hand or in your pocket without worrying about it getting bent or damaged.

With compact dimensions of 12 x 8 cm, the game notecard is handy and fits easily in any pocket or wallet. You'll always have it handy and can quickly and easily record important information at any time. Whether you are an experienced referee or just starting your refereeing career, this match notecard is an indispensable tool to create professional and accurate match reports.

Record the match action in detail and create accurate match reports according to the DFB online match report requirements. Optimize your referee's everyday life with this specially adapted match note card and set new standards in match reporting.

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